4 Police Officers including 1 female officer killed whilst on duty in Paris

4 Police officer’s including 1 female police officer killed on duty in Paris yesterday

Did you see this on UK TV?

Was converting to Islam a symptom of his mental derangement or was it the cause?

French suspect on ground

A man of previous good character goes berserk after converting to the religion of ‘peace’. Somehow there has to be a connection. Perhaps it’s the fundamental peacefull ideology that’s the issue here.

Which ever way you look at it 4 Police officer’s was killed whilst working at their own police station by someone who also worked there who happened to be deaf, was it his disability that caused him to freak out?, Probably not, infact 1000% not the reason he freaked.

Anyhow, here’s s few links HERE, HERE and HERE to various news outlet’s who’ve covered it.

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