According to Facebook: It’s all in your laughter

According to Facebook’s tech savvy algorithms, it’s all in your laughter.

People who use “hehehe” and “lollol” are either pretty old, lame arses or hardcore serial killers (lol), see what I did there :).

Myself, I rarely send laughter texts, when I do, it’s because I’m laughing so much in real life I feel the need to hit the tiny keyboard and usually ends up something like “heajsnsmmdndhahalol”.

Well according to Facebook’s algorithms I’m a statistical anomaly, and thank god I’m not included in the representation of how people ‘lol’ when typing. I’m very happy to see that the relatively normal “hahahaha” is the clear winner and that ‘lol’ is the least significant term.

I’m not sure who is ‘hehehe-ing’ but that’s apparently still a term used,
Our age, gender and location play a role in text laughter and length, younger people and girls prefer emoji text, whereas guys prefer longer hehehehes. Results show that in Chicago and New York guys and girls prefer emoji, where as Seattle and San Francisco prefer hahahahas.
The 6 letter hahaha text is also very common, and in general, the hahaers use longer laughter sessions.
The hahaers are slightly more open than the hehe-ers to using an odd number of letters and we do see the occasional hahaas and hahahahHHBBHahahas. The good old lol almost always stands by itself, though some rare specimens of lolz and loll were found. A single emoji is used half of the time, and it’s very rare to see people use more than 5 identical consecutive emoji.
 Emoji Texting 
Perhaps emoji texting now offers a concise way to convey various forms of laughter and less typing involved lol 🙂

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