Amazon Jensen Vinyl Turntable fly’s off the shelf at Christmas

According to Amazon’s recent audio sales figures, the Jensen vinyl Turntable flew off the shelf at Christmas.

Yes you read that correct, it may be 2016 but Amazon Christmas sales of the Jensen JTA-230 vinyl turntable sores well ahead in their audio equipment sales. According to SkyNews recent studies, vinyl as a whole is making a comeback¬†around the globe as DJ’s seem to like using vinyl compared to CD or Memory stick and if statistics are anything to go by then vinyl is making a return.
vinyl turntable
Vinyl has been around since 1950’s but as technology advanced the CD player and digital MP3 files were born so manufacturers had to come up with a device Clubs pubs and music venue dj’s we’re able to use whilst working a set and that’s when they build the first digital dj turntable named the:


The introduction of the CDJ decks and the CD player in general was the end of vinyl records and vinyl turntables as a whole, the biggest seller and advantage of CD’s and MP3 files was the small space needed to store the massive collection of vinyl that was collected over years of acquiring a record here and there, now all that was needed was an old shoe box once converted to MP3 and your collection was safe.

You can purchase the Jensen JTA 230 here at Amazon

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