Barnier being sidelined is a massive deal I shit you not, forget what the remainaics say, Barnier being sidelined at this late stage is a knee trembler for Angela Merkel, probably one of very few I’d guess.

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The chief immovable object who’s stood in the way of a trade deal and is an obstacle for EU countries who want to see a sensible trade deal with the UK is to be removed. EU countries wish to have a seamless transition and continue supplying their customers, the UK.

Barnier has always had The EU project with it’s political agenda at the forefront of discussions. These negotiations should be based on trade alone and accept that we will not be beholding or take instruction from the EU in political areas.

Boris to be fair has been clear and is now saying whatever way we leave transition we will soar ….and he is right.

A good comprehensive trade deal without political shackles is a good option. I have to say Boris sounds determined to bulldoze forward towards December and take what comes.

Looks like Merkel, the real undercover boss of the EU will step in and lead negotiations along with other EU leaders who desperately need to trade with Britain.

We finally appear to be on the right track and it’s only now the foolish behaviour of the likes of a stubborn Barnier are being recognised for what they are.

These are trade talks remember, they’re NOT about accepting their political policies to gain favour for a better deal on fishing or goods.
We hold the trump cards, they know we do and Boris’s maverick approach just might pay off in the long run.

We’ve plenty of supplies, of medicine and food we have never stopped replenishing the covid needs and our army is doing a stirling job with our food chain.

Britain is ready Europe is not and it now shows !

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