Do not attempt the iPhone 1970 Date hack as it will render your phone unusable

Iphone users are advised not to fall for a social media scam that requires you to change your Iphone date to 1970

Facebook Iphone Date Trick

Facebook and Twitter is awash with scams for this and that and this latest scam or trick is to get people to change the date on the phone.

All users of the Apple Iphone 5 upwards are advised to update to the latest IOS build and do not attempt the iPhone 1970 Date hack as it will render your phone unusable.

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According to the Apple support website, users are advised to update their iPhone iPad and iPods to the latest iOS build, currently it’s at IOS 9.2.1

The clever social media scam that tricks users to change the date to 1970 and a nice looking apple logo will show when starting the phone,

IPhone 1970 Date Trick

However, doing this whilst on any other iOS build number will prevent it starting correctly and will require removal of the battery to fix the issue.

“An upcoming software update will prevent this issue from affecting iOS devices. If you have this issue”, contact Apple Support.

Below is a YouTube video of how to fix your I-Device if you have fallen victim to the clever little tricksters and your device is out of warranty, the process requires you to remove the power to the device so you will have to have the correct screwdriver tip.

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