Essex pensioner behind bars after waiving £5 at little girl

A pensioner has been jailed after offering a nine-year old girl money in exchange for sex.

Keren Horinek
Pensioner Keren Horinek has been jailed after offering a nine-year old girl money in exchange for sex.

Vile Keren Horinek will spend six years in jail after waving £5 at the girl from the window of his house in Harwich, Essex, and enticing her towards him.

The Essex paedophile told police he is attracted to young girls and would have carried out a sex act on the little girl if she had not run away.

Keren Horinek was jailed for 6 years after admitting he would have sexually assaulted the child had she not run away. Chelmsford Crown Court in Essex heard how Keren Horinek stood in the window of his house near where young children were playing on May 18.

He waved a £10 note at the little girl but moved away when her mother saw him, he later appeared at 5pm with a £5 note and enticed the child towards him.

Judge Patricia Lynch sentenced Horinek to six years in prison. Police arrested the man after being called to the scene by the little girl’s mother.
Judge Patricia Lynch
Horinek was jailed for six years but the judge extended the sentence for an eight year period. This means when he is released, Horinek will be on licence for eight years and could be returned to prison if he offends again within this time span.

I am satisfied you represent a danger to children especially pre-pubescent girls.

Upon sentencing, Horinek made a series of shocking outbursts, shouting: ‘Nothing happened to her.

‘By the time I’m released I’ll be bloody dead. I’ll slash my throat. I may as well say cheerio.’

The pensioner has two previous convictions for burglary with intent to rape after being discovered in the bedroom of a young boy and in the home of a 39-year-old woman on another occasion.

He has been convicted for indecent assaults on a boy and girl aged under 16 in the past. Defending Evelyn Hicks said he had ‘some capacity to control his sexual urges’.

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