Islamic Religious Education and your rights for your children whilst at School

Are your children at school, are they being forced into islamic religious education lessons without your knowledge, if so please read on how to exclude them from Islamic religious education lessons legally

Many parents send their children off to school in the morning knowing they will be safe and learning things that will help them when they leave school, however, many parents are unaware that they are being taught Islamic religious education that goes against our Christian values and everything we have been brought up to know.

Many liberal news outlets are already calling parents racist for excluding their children from RE lessons but it’s your legal right, this is a Christian country and has been for centuries so don’t let that put you off, the more parents doing this the more the government will have to listen and not force Islamic indoctrinating on British children.

There is a way you can legally exclude your children and that’s to use YOUR RIGHTS as a UK citizen under Section 25 (4) of the Education Act 1944 and under the Education Act 1988.

Please copy the template below and send it straight away to the head teacher of your child’s school.

Copy below text:


I hereby give notice to you as Head Teacher that I wish to withdraw my child from all Religious Education lessons as is my right under Section 25 (4) of the Education Act 1944 and under the Education Act 1988.

I wish you to take legal note of the fact that 1 do not wish my child to have any lessons, lectures, religious or social lessons that concern in particular Islam and all associated religious/secular lessons of a political or religious nature that in any way mention Islam either as a
religion or as a sociall political movement or presence in Britain.

Can you please confirm in writing that the school has removed my child from any and all of these religious lessons and that alternative education arrangements have been made to ensure my child is in a safe and secure
environment whilst at school and not in those lessons.


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