Muslims trying to setup strict Sharia courts in America have been dealt a big blow

Muslims in Texas trying to setup strict Sharia courts have been dealt a huge blow.

Texas in the United States of America may soon join the ever growing list of states standing up to the Muslim efforts to impose Sharia law in the United States of America, as its

“Senators have just passed a bill outlawing all foreign codes of law in Texas courts”.

The news has come not long after Muslims in the north of Texas had established a full strict Islamic Tribunal in Irving Texas, purportedly to serve the Muslim community of north Texas with a Sharia-compliant “court” to handle all family law and domestic matters for Muslims in the area.

While the bill was passed by the Texas Senators and its now on its way to the governor’s desk for signing doesn’t specifically mention Sharia or the Quran, it was fairly obvious that the proposed law would apply to the barbaric strict code. Of course Muslim groups like the “Cair” Council on American-Islamic Relations, along with Islamapologist liberals have denounced the bill as Islamophobic, calling it a “solution looking for a problem” and dismissing the law as unnecessary.

However, when Muslims are setting up strict Islamic Tribunals and declaring their intention to use Sharia law to rule on matters best dealt with in American and English courts, then there is a problem that needs a solution and this bill does just that.

This is good news for Texas, Other states and countries need to pass similar laws to prohibit Muslims from establishing their own strict Islamic courts or trying to introduce Sharia law into American and English courts.

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