Political Correctness is killing our country with help from the Classroom

​It seems to me that most young people in our society today have grown up without a sense of what it means to be British.

They simply do not identify with the term at all. The Labour pàrty brought in a huge amount of political correctness into the classrooms during their 13 years of office. They made the very term, “British”, sound derogatory.  The young were brainwashed into thinking that loving one’s country somehow amounted to supremacy.  The Conservative government has simply carried on with the exact same policies since 2010.

The end result of this terrible experiment is a generation of young people who have been mostly brainwashed into thinking there’s an unlimited pot of money to help “refugees”, and that we have an unlimited amount of space in the country.  The same young people have lost sense of what democracy and sovereignty are, and why it’s so important we take them back from the EU and the leave campaign running up to the referendum of 2016.
Even among the young who saw through the brainwashing, they are fearful at times of expressing their patriotism.  Many would be too fearful of waving the Union Jack flag in case someone decided it was “racist”.

Political correctness is a disease that’s infected our society and caused untold harm and division.  It needs to be abolished !!!

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