ZX Spectrum Vega

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega with 1000 Games on board

Hows about a brand new shiny Sinclair ZX Spectrum VEGA with a super massive 1000 built-in games.

This is strictly for the old timer retro games fan out there wanting to re-visit some of the original ZX Spectrum titles of the day, its the console you’ve been waiting for, it’s a replica of the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum and it comes with a whooping 1000 on board games to keep you amused till the early hours.

Some of the top retro titles include classics like, Astro Wars, A Day in the Life of Arnold, Bugsy, Back to Skool and many more that made the Sinclair ZX Spectrum a favourite amongst geeks of the past.

And here’s the best bit I think, If a game isn’t included that you remember, you can purchase it and add it using a memory card, how cool is that. If you’ve programmed any yourself you can play them also, the team behind this have taken all steps to make it compatible with a variety of games from back in the day.

Clive Sinclair has put his name behind the console, the brains behind the original ZX Spectrum and the Sinclair C5. It boasts a simple (PnP) plug and play system making it a breeze to setup.


You can pre-order the console now for delivery after 24th August 2015. For Just £99.99 its yours, a great price for those of a certain age that spent many many hours on the ZX Spectrum.

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