Tennis Match Fixing scandal at Wimbledon: PM Cameron has expressed his Concern

David Cameron, our very much loved PM, has stepped up over his concerns about Tennis Match fixing at Wimbledon, yes you read that right.

The little piggy pork frolicking prime minister David Cameron

David Cameron

said today that he was get this,

“deeply deeply concerned”

With the allegations of Tennis Match Fixing at Wimbledon tennis events. NO DAVE, what is deeply deeply concerning is this,

In fact Mr Dave Porky Cameron, you pig molesting pork scratching cretin, you play the victim that much I’m surprised you don’t carry your own body chalk.

tennis match fixing

You have failed at almost everything you have set out to do, whether it’s in this country or anything to do with the EU.

It’s time to hang up those gloves and get the hell out of No 10 Downing Street and personally lay the red carpet for UKIP and Nigel Farrage, this country needs a leader who stands up and fights for all, not just your mates or their mates.

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