The 40 hour week is never ending and the rich are getting richer

We are working 40+ hours a week so we can keep the lights on, heating on, and some food for the family whilst the rich are getting richer.

Once the food is paid for then comes the rent or mortgage and then your basically broke until next payday,
WTF is going on??

However, the people in charge are getting richer off us working harder and paying more income tax, then paying tax again on food, then tax again on bills, then tax again for drinks and the list goes on and on for paying TAX after tax after tax.

The system is setup so we are always in debt, whether it’s credit cards, loans etc to keep paying the mass TAX fraud scam.

The government keep going on about lowering the Deficit?? WTF.

Who owes this debt and who do we owe this debt to??

The Banks??

Nope: they never had the money in the first place to lend it.

We are lied to day after day that we are in debt and need to pay off the deficit when WE, US, YOU never owed it in the first place and so the process keeps going around in circles, every 4 years governments are voted in by the same people who keep falling for their lies after lies, only then to blame the previous government of borrowing more than we are getting back in taxes, our taxes, our hard earned taxes that we’ve paid 5,6,7 times over.

This monetary system has been in place for many years and it’s not just the uk that has this system where we all must be in debt from birth to death.

The only way we can earn a proper wage is if we all down tools and stop paying taxes, the moment we, the people come together and say enough is enough, we want change and be paid a decent wage is when the government has to listen.

The illegal tax system needs scrapping and bringing forward into the 21st century were we can earn not just to live but earn to play aswel.

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