The Boleyn’s Final Bell

A little poem about the boleyn pub.

The Boleyn’s final bell

Standing in our empty palace
Where the masses used to throng,

Wed sup our pre match tipples
Before bursting into song,

Simple bricks and mortar
But these walls can tell a story
Opposite our statue
Which screams of World Cup glory,

If only we could turn back time
If only we could rewind
We surely would have stood our ground
And not left it all behind,

We’d arrive from various locations
But our hymn sheets were all the same,

The Boleyn

Discussing tactics and heros
Before heading to the game
You have to let things go
In order to progress,

But the move uptown to Stratford
Is Upton Park in fancy dress
So let’s raise a glass and say a toast
To the Boleyn we say goodbye,

We all know how the song goes
But our memories won’t fade and die

This Palace now looks sombre
As we say our last farewell,

Time gentlemen please

The Boleyn’s final bell

Taken from the Real Weat Ham Fam’s Facebook Group…

Real West Ham Fans

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