Turkey shoots down Russian Jet Fighter risking Nuclear Warfare

They (the elites) have been provoking Putin and Russia for many years and today’s events have certainly moved up a gear.

Whether it’s the recent coup in Ukraine or the many Sanctions the United States have laid down over the years and now that Russia is moving away from the worlds reserve Dollar to the Brics banking currency with China and Co, We, or should I say the treacherous low life so called The Elites (banksters) of the world have been after a full blown Nuclear showdown with Russia and now with the downing of a Russian Jet fighter the stakes have never been so high according to the mirror today.
According to Pavel Felgengauer a top Russian military expert said that,

“The chances of war between Russia and Turkey are now most likely”.

He also stated that the downing of a Russian warplane, Moscow must either accept this zone,

“or start a war with Turkey” 

which it could only win by going nuclear.

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