Who’s pockets are Uber really in & Who’s really in Uber’s pockets?

Should we be stunned or even astonished by the latest news on UBER, or is the level of corruption and backhanders now acceptable – regardless of the immoral practices and code of conduct?

Recently there has been what most with common sense would call a blatant cover up – or blind eye. How can a company – that is currently investigating 2,500 of it’s own drivers for a range of sex crimes and attacks – be given a license to continue operating? If we were talking about a large supermarket or burger chain, they would have been shut down and terminated immediately!

We have had a trusted black cab taxi service looking after the people in our capital for decades. These are not your run of the mill drivers. They spend 4 years just doing the knowledge and learning their way around London plus follow strict codes of conduct. When you hail a black cab down, you’re not just calling for a ride – you’re paying for their expertise, safe travel and on most days a good conversation! In life you pay for what you get, so why skimp on your safety – is it really worth it?

Why anyone would take a chance on a UBER taxi beggars belief! You have no idea who will be driving you! Clearly there are no background checks – unless they have intentionally employed 2,500 sex fiends! Most haven’t been in Britain long enough to learn English – let alone know their way around London – so unless you’re able to sign language your directions into their sat nav, you’re flying blind! So I ask you, for the sake of a couple of quid, is it really worth taking a risk – or jeopardising your safety? Of course it isn’t!

Is it a coincidence that this licence was granted, considering the friends they have in low places like Westminster – and in the newspaper trade? Or is the level of corruption so blatantly obvious that – no matter what crimes you commit – as long as you’re able to grease the right palms, or attend the right functions the laws of logic and reasoning no longer apply?!

I’m a member of a movement named the Dragons. We tackle and will challenge all injustices and crimes against the British people. As Brexiteers and advocates of common sense, we will fight all levels of corruption – especially in Westminster. We arrested Khan last year – and that case is still pending. However, unlike the left – who are funded by the likes of Brussels, Blair and Soros – we are running on a shoe string budget. We will continue to go after the low life’s who are infesting our society – whether they be in politics, or just preying on the young, weak or innocent. We will soldier on because our country requires us to, but if you can spare the price of a coffee, even the smallest donation can make a huge difference when made by many. Those who know us are aware we travel the country fighting the good fight. We will not tolerate those who have chosen to do the british people down.

Help US to help YOU make our country great again!


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