Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords John Sewell filmed snorting cocaine with prostitutes at a party

Here we go again, this time its John Sewell, The Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords was recently filmed snorting cocaine with prostitutes at a party.

In the damming footage, released by The Sun newspaper. The drugged up politician was even told you’re such a party animal by one of the escorts, he replied, i know, disgusting isn’t it.

Ironically, John Sewell is in charge of reviewing the “conduct of other lords.” He even has the power to ban those who break the rules of conduct. Writing in an article for the Huffington Post, Sewell said that

“The actions of a few, damage our reputation and scandals make good headlines.”

“New rules implemented since require all members must sign a declaration to obey the code and the seven principles of public life.”

“No system of regulation can be perfect, but the House of Lords has come a long way since 2010 in improving its regulation of its Members and punishing the small number who misbehave and today’s new sanctions strengthen the regime further.”

According to witnesses, the politician snorted three large lines of cocaine in a 45-minute timespan, surely not the work of a first-timer. In one portion of the video, Sewell can be seen wearing a bra and a leather jacket while smoking a cigarette, while in another portion of the video he strips fully nude for the escorts.

He was also caught disparaging Prime Minister David Cameron, calling him,

“the most facile, superficial prime minister that there has ever been.”

Unsurprisingly, Prime minister David Cameron responded to the video by alluding to the fact that,”

“John Sewell will soon be removed from his post in the House of Lords.”

However, it is likely that Sewell will resign before he is fired, as in a recent statement he said he would be taking a leave of absence.

In the short statement he said,

“I have no intention of returning to the House of Lords in any way until the current investigations have been completed, when in the light of their outcome I will review my long-term position, I believe this is compatible with due process.”

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