How about 6 months FREE trial of Deezer Premium Plus

How does 6 months FREE trial of Deezer Premium Plus sound.

Have you heard of Deezer?
Are you on 3 mobile Network?
 Free Deezer Trial

If your on 3 mobile network, pay as you go or via direct debit and you have had a look at Deezer but NEVER signed up or used any other TRIAL with them previously then take a look at this Deezer free trial.

Deezer Premium+ FREE for 6 months then £9.99 per month after, FEAR not though chaps, once you have received the txt message from them to your 3 SIM card with an activation code and setup your account, you can then login from a PC and cancel the subscription if you wish. All services associated with the trial will continue to work fully right up to the end of the trial period.

I’ve got to say we haven’t seen a good deal like this for a wile so jump on the link below and get setup as they may pull the promotion once they get to a certain amount of new customers, as of writing this blog post the deal is still on, go for it and remember to cancel once setup or you will be changed the full rate in 6 months time.

It’s easy as pie, trust me I’ve done it 😀

Follow the link below to setup your trial:

Try Deezer free for 6 months

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