Are OldSkool Rave Flyers bedroom art or an unsightly mess

Are OldSkool rave flyers art or a mess many mothers tried to ban from the bedroom.

 oldskool rave flyers 
It’s 6am and the night draws to a close, the dj has spun the last tune and ravers everywhere are looking a little worse than when they arrived many hours prior.

 ravers bedroom art 
Everyone knows to meet at the cars if they loose contact, only to find it covered in very brightly coloured flyers stuck to every window advertising the next big rave, the amount of hours and work that went into the design of many of the flyers were truly amazing to say the least, the bigger the flyer, the better the dj lineup and venue.

 bedroom art 
As soon as people got home, after what seemed like an eternity in the back of your mates car then outcomes the bluetack and sellotape and that’s where we sat creating a mental image on the wall and your brain figuring out were to put each flyer so they fit right up the wall and ceiling with no gaps (hopefully lol)

OldSkool Rave flyers were collected up and down the country from Scotland’s club and rave scene to right down to a muddy field in the south of England, whether it be regular hardcore ravers to young kids just starting out raving, OldSkool rave flyers had became an artform with a distinct future style seperate to any flyer or poster before.

Just thought this might take you back lol

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