Far Right, Far Left, Alt left, Alt Right, It’s time to come together before it’s to late

It doesn’t mean you are Far right wing minded individual to express a concern or worry relating to immigration, that is just a ploy from the left of centre to alienate you, and your opinion.

We have thousands of men and women sleeping on the streets, thousands of men and women who served in the military left abandoned due to mental health issues, which has left them destitute, as funds are apparently not available.

This country has a National Heath service which is also struggling to survive due to an increasing population.

Wages in the public sector have been stagnant for nearly 2 decades.

OAPS and the disabled are expected to survive on peanuts, compared to citizens from Germany and Scandinavian countries who value their citizens input into society.

Youngsters in the UK will have a much brighter future, and be offered so much more opportunities than they are currently when we leave the EU.

Wages will significantly increase for most, but especially workers within the construction industries and National health service.

Anyhow, this week the Queen of the commonwealth submitted her approval officially in writing in parliament for the United Kingdom to leave the EU, so it’s now law that we are leaving the EU.

European Union (Withdrawal) act.


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