UK General Election: Proves Divide & Conquer Strategy is Key for the Establishment

The votes are in as Teresa May’s 2017 Snap UK General Election is finally over for now and most people are still scratching their heads thinking, why did i bother as not 1 party won complete​ outright to form the next government.

Everyone’s had their vote, it’s called a democracy​, we might all vote for various party’s for many different reasons but at the end of the day the establishment have won this morning as the Divide & Conquer strategy that’s used by most governments around the world is in full steam ahead mode as the Brits are so divided that not 1 party won a complete outright victory to form a government.

Remember people, whilst we are busy arguing between ourselves they, the establishment, not the government the establishment will carry on behind the scenes keeping us divided or we will come together and get the lot of them out and put in place a new system that works for everyone not just the few at the top.

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