India to buy brand new bullet trains as the UK keeps giving aid

India is to purchase brand new bullet trains whilst receiving UK tax payers foreign aid cash, yes you read that right

The ever growing Indian powerhouse will splash out around£9 – £10 billion pounds on the super trains, which will leave The U.K’s old and outdated trains in their wake, all this is possible as we continue to send aid, even though the country is supposed to be in dia need of help from the UK year after year.

Once the project has been completed residents of India will be chugging over 300 miles across the country in less than three hours, all this speed and comfort whilst us back home in the UK will continue to pay over priced tickets for a slower and overall an unpredictable terrible service along a rail network that should have been modernised many years ago.

How long can the UK government along with prime minister David Cameron keep shelling out millions in foreign aid to country’s that clearly do not need it whilst other countries are in such a state that the money would be spent on food and water and putting a roof over people’s head rather than funding ludicrous projects as with Trains and Space Programmes but to name a few whilst UK residents suffer.

This madness of 0.7% GDP on foreign aid has to stop and whilst we are part of the failed EU project we are spending more money than ever before.

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