Who can we trust
Who can we the British people trust

Who Can We the British People Trust

Who can we the British people trust as it seems all current and previous governments have been hijacked for the implementation of the Corporate New World Order

For over 40 long years since joining the European Union all governments have systematically joined forces to sell off all British businesses, re-location of businesses to Europe, sell off state owned properties to foreign shady rich business men and the list goes on.

Who can we trust
Who can we the British people trust

So the question is simple, Do you trust your government to do what’s best for the country they are responsible for?

If your not sure yet please read on and hopefully you should make your mind up at the end…

1: British Governments last 40 years – (NO TRUST)

– Responsible for massive Muslim immigration to U.K.
– Turning British towns, Bradford, Tower Hamlets into Muslim no go areas.
– Part responsible for the 2014 Banking crises, UK debt 2 trillion
– 5 million more homes in British countryside.
– Middle East wars on the streets of the U.K.
– Albanian mafia drug wars on the streets of the UK.
– Implementation of (Common Purpose) cultural subversion in British society.
– Complicit, British school children drugging/rape, Pakistani Muslim men
– Common purpose, diversity in British schools, requirement to visit mosques.
– Financed by the establishment bankers.

2: British Politicians – (NO TRUST)

– Complicit in massive Muslim immigration, open U.K. borders.
– Complicit in Middle East Wars on the streets of the U.K.
– Complicit with 1400 British children rap drugged By Pakistani Muslims Paid for by Embedded globalist, Freemasons.

3 UK Political Parties – (NO TRUST)

– Conservatives, Labour parties, are the same.
– Paid for by the same establishment bankers.


– Embedded Zionist globalist, common purpose, graduates.
– Biased reporting.

5: British Police – (NO TRUST)

– Embedded common purpose graduates and Freemasons.


– Controlled by Germany, EU, USA, embedded Zionist’s.

7: United Nations – (NO TRUST)

– Seeking ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT to control world resources.
– Financed with Zionist’s money.

8: British Civil Servants – (NO TRUST)

– Embedded fifth columnists with a Zionist agenda.

9: The Worlds Media – (NO TRUST)

– 95% owned by Zionist’s.


– Complicit in protecting corporate bodies.

11: British House of LORDS – (NO TRUST)

– Protecting their wealth.

12: European Community – (NO TRUST)

– No approved budgets for the last 19 years.

– In the pockets of George Soros, Zionist.
– Implement Copyright laws internet control of information.
– Complicit in Middle Eastern wars
– Complicit in Massive Muslim third world immigration.
– Complicit on Immigration of Eastern European criminal gangs.



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