UK Politicians & Politics: What is the point of politics when politicians protect the thieves bankers and paedophiles

What is the point of politics when politicians protect the thieves

The one home truth that we should all know by now is that our so called elected representatives will never tell the truth at all, even over two of our countries biggest robbery and scam exercises ever.

Westminster Politicians Protecting Thieves
Westminster Politicians Protecting Thieves

The Ppi’s were, and are fraud, theft and deception.

We are in enforced austerity and rising poverty because the politicians and bankers stole BILLIONS of pounds from the British public.

These customers were sold insurances they neither wanted  or needed, and for the most part, were not made aware they were paying for these bogus insurances.

They were fraudulently conned and monies taken from them deceptively and the politicians said nothing.

This Ppi scam has been pulled AGAIN since the bankers got caught the first time and just as the time before they have gotten away with blatant robbery and our own politicians protecting them from a second time, this just puts a middle finger up to all of us law abiding citizens from those protecting us.

These bankers scammed the markets, got into debt they couldn’t pay so robbed all of our accounts to pay their debts on the international markets and the politicians said nowt.

London Westminster Big Ben
London Westminster Big Ben

It might also have been noted that not one business account was robbed, no government accounts were robbed, just our personal accounts.

Just the little people’s accounts got emptied.

Imagine one day you are walking home but I doubt it would be in the Westminster area, as you get to your front door you notice that you have been broken into because something is missing from the window ledge you never move.

You phone the police and the insurance company who both turn up and both of them look at the situation and the police tell you they don’t have any qualified police officers to deal with the situation, and leave it at that.

Your wall safe and the kids piggy banks have been smashed and robbed, every thing you have worked for is gone.
The insurance people tell you that you are going have to replace what has gone yourself, the reason they give is there is no reported robbery.

There is no crime report so no crime, no crime, not paying and that is all you can get from the insurance people, gibberish and no actions.

Then the robber shows up at your door saying he can “give you a loan” to replace the money he stole, “but the interest will be high”

Would you take the loan off the robber, knowing the police won’t touch him?

Would you ignore the fact that he robbed you just to get a loan from him?

Would you protect him when the neighbours come hunting for him?

Would you put all of your understandings on the burner for the robber…………………all of our representatives have.

There was no Ppi banking crisis, it was wholesale fraud, theft, deception and corruption and our own representatives are taking the loans off the very same bankers who robbed us all and paying us all back with our own money the bankers stole, with interest.

We are in enforced austerity because the bankers stole BILLIONS of pounds from the British public who are being forced to pay themselves back, with interest, and the British public would rather lie and accept poverty, austerity, malnutrition, food banks, the lot rather than just sack all of our representatives, jail the child abusers and bankers and start again with a whole new clean representation.

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